Our Charity


A need for Pumping Marvellous was identified by heart failure patient Nick Hartshorne-Evans in February 2010 to quickly address support and care of a non clinical nature after initial diagnosis for heart failure patients.

There are various levels of “heart failure” but what every patient needs who has a lifelong chronic condition is support and a friendly arm. However, its effectiveness goes deeper than that as Pumping Marvellous is designed to create expert patients and if the patient is either too unwell or in denial then it will create expert carers. It will achieve this through its website, blog forums, webinars and most importantly patient participation.

In December 2011 Pumping Marvellous became a registered charity in England and Wales with the charity commission. Since this date Pumping Marvellous has developed itself into a strategic partner with NHS Trusts and functions, developing patient care systems which satisfy its objectives.

Pumping Marvellous therefore has a role to play as a charity in the overall strategy of patient centric process by

  • Enabling community health networking to build awareness of referral paths
  • Developing and embedding it’s patient care system for that all important mantra of evidence based decision making
  • Delivering its charitable objectives which include
    • Focussing on self care and education with Heart Failure patients, there carer and relatives
    • Building awareness of heart failure and its symptoms to the general public and primary care functions
    • Ensuring that diagnosis is more efficient and treatment ends up with the cardiologists
    • Building effective relationships with other charities and organisations that deliver tangible results
    • Driving heart health to the general public through innovative and hard hitting campaigns

Pumping Marvellous is currently run by 7 Trustees with a challenging entrepreneurial attitude with a can do nature. All Trustees have worked within a corporate and or owner led businesses with track records for delivering outcomes and results.

Our Trustees and volunteers make our charity special, what the charity delivers makes it memorable.

To contact Pumping Marvellous please call 0800 9 788133 or email hearts@pumpingmarvellous.org