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Guide for Locum Pharmacists

Whether you are an independent pharmacy or a chain of pharmacies, at Bishops our advisers have experience with handling pharmacies’ accounts and are fully aware of the common financial issues faced by the industry.

We understand how to help pharmacies increase their profits even amidst NHS budget cuts and increasing competition, and our solutions and services are tailored to your specific business. Our advice will ensure that you reduce financial inefficiency and increase profitability, meaning you will be able to focus on providing an exceptional service to patients.

Our service offering for pharmacies includes:

  • Business plans, including financial forecasts
  • Setting up a pharmacy
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Management accounts
  • Payroll and remuneration advice
  • Tax advisory and compliance services
  • Incorporation advice
  • Buying or selling a pharmacy
  • Raising finance


Locum pharmacists have more flexible working conditions and can enjoy more control over the number of hours they work. However, while they often receive a high hourly wage, growing competition and a rise in the number of qualified pharmacists in Britain means that sourcing work can be more difficult than in the past.

Managing your expenses and multiple income streams is also an added complexity. At Bishops, our experienced accountants have the sector-specific knowledge needed to ensure your financial affairs as a single limited company are fully tax-efficient.

Our service offering for locum pharmacists includes:

  • Preparing and submitting all financial and tax returns
  • Review of your national insurance (NI) position
  • Pension planning
  • Single limited company advice

To access or find out more about Kashflow – our online, real-time accounting resource for clients – please click here.

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