Trusts Services

Creating and maintaining a Trust is no easy feat – it’s a roller-coaster ride of legislation changes and tax complications.

That’s why Bishops are committed to keeping up to speed with the latest changes and developments, ensuring that our Trusts services are always one step ahead – along with your family’s wealth.

Our Trusts expert, Gary Killmister, has specialised in providing tailored Trusts services to clients all over the globe since 1994.

A regular speaker at Trusts seminars and presentations, Gary has a wealth of prestigious qualifications and wide experience advising clients from Europe and the USA to Hong Kong, Malawi, South Africa and Zambia.

If you’re setting up a new Trust, or simply trying to keep on top of a current one, Bishops Chartered Accountants are the Trusts advisors for you – offering tailored expert advice at very competitive rates.

For more information, please contact Gary Killmister, email us on: or phone: 01254 261166.

Gary Killmister
Trusts expert