We’ll help you crunch the data and ensure you have a clear forecast that will help you put in place robust plans for the future.

Management information

Ensuring you have regular, reliable management information is vital because in order to know if your business is on the right track, you need to understand your past, present and future financial position.


We will work closely with you to understand what makes your business tick. We will make suggestions to make cost savings, help you improve profits or develop and grow your business.

We can prepare monthly or quarterly management accounts to ensure you always have reliable and accurate information on which to base your business decisions.

You will receive clear, easy to understand management information that shows you your past and current performance so that you can make future business decisions based on expert, real-time information.

Tax planning

Our tax planning services allow your business to be tax-efficient, whilst complying with HMRC’s strict regulations. We offer a range of strategic tax planning services including:

  • Advising on the most tax-efficient structure for your business
  • Making the most of tax opportunities and reliefs specific to your business sector
  • Maximising available tax reliefs
  • Tax-efficient profit extraction

R&D Tax Relief

Our experienced team will work with you – from planning qualifying R&D expenditure through to making a claim.

It is important to understand that your R&D projects do not need to have been successful – in fact, failure is very much a part of the R&D process.


If your business attempts to resolve technical uncertainties and invests in creation and innovation, you will likely qualify to reclaim a portion of your development costs.

If you are uncertain whether your project is eligible for R&D tax relief, get in touch with us to find out more.


Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) and the Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS) are two UK Government initiatives which encourage innovation.

The schemes effectively grant investors a significant tax break in return for investing in early stage, ‘higher-risk’ companies.


We can help you access these schemes and ensure the relevant business information is in place to attract investors.

Business finance advice

We provide your business with financial advice to meet your needs. We will help you plan your financial future so that you have clear goals.

Whether it is advice on alternative revenue streams, tax advice, investments or banking and insurance decisions, we are here to provide you with support.


Corporate Finance

If you are buying, selling or developing a business, planning for succession, or changing the structure to reduce tax liability, expert advice is crucial to ensure that you maximise financial efficiency and remain compliant with legislation.


Many of the clients we help to buy a business remain loyal clients and benefit from our ongoing support, because of our commitment to providing exceptional advice at a reasonable price.

Business valuations

Valuing a business is a key part of succession or exit planning but there will be other times during the life of your business when calculating your company’s worth can be beneficial.

  • Securing investment – investors will expect to see a realistic value before agreeing to provide finance
  • Shares – if you are planning to offer a share save scheme to employees they will expect to see that the shares are a good value investment
  • Growing or expanding your business – an annual valuation helps you to secure financing and also identify areas for improvement

Beyond stock and fixed assets, a valuation will also include your business reputation, the strength of your team of employees and any trademarks or intellectual property associated with your business.

An accurate valuation ensures you are neither selling your business short nor overstating its true worth.

Exiting your business

Whether you are planning ahead to retirement or wish to move on to a new venture, it pays to plan ahead.

If you are looking to exit your business you will need to decide whether you wish to sell the business – either in part or in full – or hand over the reins to someone else.


Our experts can help you explore your options and ensure that the transaction is handled tax efficiently from start to finish.

If you wish to pass the business on to another director or member of the family, we can help you put in place effective succession plans, ensuring that your company is in great shape for future generations.